Mosa Professional Master Whipped Cream Dispenser (0.5L)


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Mosa Professional Master Whipper – Whipped Cream Dispenser (0.5L)

High-quality stainless steel bottle and head, designed for professional use. For the preparation of delicious whipped cream, mousses, desserts, Espumas and sauces.

Ergonomic design for head, charger holder and cap. Non-slip silicone grip provides comfortable operation.

Removable stainless-steel piston and heat resistant silicone tab for quick and hygienic cleaning.

Multifunctional whipper for cold and warm food applications.

The metal stricture facilitates warm food preparation.

For creating premium professional, pure and fresh whipped cream, delicate sauces, aromatized coffee toppings, tasty gourmet toppings and light yoghurt mousses. You can use cold or warm ingredients for creating cold or warm froth and sauces. The contents remain fresh up to two weeks when stored in a fridge. The bottles are made from stainless steel, fitted with a steel head, and intended for professional use in coffee shops, restaurants and hotels

Product Features

  • 500ml liquid capacity
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Guarantee
  • Compatible with all major brands of 8g N2O Cream Chargers
  • Includes two stainless steel decorating nozzles

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