Mosa culinary whipper 0.5ltr


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Mosa culinary whipper 0.5ltr

Create your own fresh whipped cream, professional sweets and tasty toppings as well as various mousses just like those in professional kitchens in only a few seconds. The contents remain fresh up to two weeks when stored in a fridge. The bottle is made from quality aluminium, fitted with an aluminium head. 

Fresh whipped cream is always at your fingertips when you have a MOSA Cream and Dessert Whipper. Pour your cream in, insert a charger and gently shake. One-touch dispenses fresh whipped cream for desserts, waffles, hot chocolate, coffees and more. You will get four times the volume of whipped cream than from whisking alone. This versatile cream whipper can also be used to make a multitude of sweet or savoury mousses, light desserts and sauces. Many other liquid ingredients can be used in the cream whipper including coconut milk, yoghurt, chocolate sauce, juices, etc. 


- 1 pint/0.5lt. capacity
- 7.5" tall without charger and nozzle
- 12.5" tall with nozzle
- 3 decorating tips, cleaning brush, and nozzle cover included
- contents stay fresh up to 14 days in the refrigerator
- aluminium container with food-grade enamel inner coating
- requires cream charger to operate (not included)
- hand wash only
- 1-year guarantee against factory defects

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