50 x iSi Soda chargers 8.4g


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Shop online for 50 pcs of Co2 Soda chargers for delivery to your door the next day anywhere within the UK. Same day dispatch before 15:00 Monday to Friday. Free before 12:00 Next working day delivery or Free Saturday delivery.

8G Co2 canisters are specially manufactured to work with all standard soda siphons (Also spelled Syphon) to make fizzy carbonated refreshments at your convenience such as; Soda water, Seltzer water, Hard Seltzer, Soda pop. You can also make quick carbonated fruit at home when used with a whipped cream dispenser! 

Also suitable for use with small sized beer dispensers/beer kegs such as the GrowlerWerks uKeg that use an 8g co2 cylinder to keep air out of the keg maintaining the beer fizziness! 

Boxes of 50pcs - You will receive 5 boxes of 10pcs. 

8g co2 cartridge dimensions

  • Overall length: 65 (±0.5) mm 
  • Body Diameter: 18 (+/-0.2) mm 
  • Neck Diameter: 8.7 (+/-0.1) mm 
  • Thickness of sealing cap: 0.25 mm

8g co2 cartridge pressure

  • Internal Volume (Approx.): 10.4 ml 
  • Net weight of CO2: 7.5 (± 0.35) g 
  • Tare wt. of charger (Approx.): 20 g
  • Gross wt. of charger (Approx.): 28.5 g 
  • Filling density: max. 0.75 kg/l max. 
  • Bursting pressure: > 50 MPa >7,250 psi
  • Test pressure: 23.5 MPa at 65°C

isi soda chargers recycling

8g Soda siphon cartridges are made from 100% recyclable steel therefore are widely recyclable. When you have used your soda siphon cartridge simply dispose of it in your blue recycling bin. 

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