200 pcs airsoft co2 cartridge 12g Umarex


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200 Loose 12g Co2 Capsules taped together, No box.

Buy 200 airsoft co2 cartridges 12 gram online from supero catering supplies with same day dispatch if ordered before 15:00 Monday to Friday for Next day or Saturday delivery to any address within the UK.

Umarex 12g Co2 cartridge is widely regarded as the best airsoft Co2 sparklet on the market. They are the preferred choice of many people due to Umarex's consistently high quality products, which ensure a consistent fill of the cartridges no excessive device clogging machine oil or metal swarf leftover from manufacturing and no empties with competitively low prices.

A single 12g Co2 capsule can deliver between 30 and 200 shots. Temperature, Airsoft device type, and size all influence how long your airsoft co2 cartridges will last.

Dimensions of a 12g co2 cartridge: Diameter 18.6mm, Length 83mm

12g co2 cartridge pressure: Contains 12gm Carbon Dioxide at approximately 850 psi / 58.6 Bar 

do airsoft co2 cartridges expire? - 12g Umarex Co2 cartridges, like tinned food, have an expiration date. As long as they are not punctured in any way, the Co2 should last for an indefinite period of time. The cartridges are anodized to prevent rust and will last for years even in moist storage conditions!

Umarex airsoft co2 cartridges are made entirely of recyclable steel. Meaning after they have been used they can be recycled with ease. You could even insert a toothpick into the bottle opening and use for target practice as an up-cycle solution!

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