600 iSi cream chargers. Boxes of 24 (Business only)

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600 iSi Professional cream chargers.

Maximum of 240pcs per 14 day period without further verification. Quantities of 241+ pcs are available for business buyers only. Further verification may be required if we can not find your business details online such as an Instagram page etc with your business name used when checking out.

25 Boxes of 24 per case.

new iSi Professional cream chargers range (Purple cream chargers).

Fits all standard sized dispensers & whippers! 

In short: iSi cream chargers are a higher quality product than the competition are offering. At a price point that is the same / lower than the competition is offering.

iSi Have always lead the way in innovation and product quality and have been dominating the international cream charger market since their founding date in 1964. the new iSi Professional cream chargers pack a punch above anything any other competing brand has to offer or claim to offer with an extra 1g of N20 into each cream canister.  

600 iSi Professional cream chargers are resulting equivalent to 720 standard 7.4g chargers. 

The increased capacity in each cream charger yields a higher result and an increased volume of the final product delivering up to 20% more portions for whipped foods, resulting in up to 20% savings on ingredients and handling without sacrificing quality or taste.

iSi Professional cream chargers are slightly more "Sausage" Shaped than standard 7.4g chargers. the new design allows for a higher compression ratio allowing more N20 to be packed into each cream canister. they will fit all types and brands of standard whipped cream dispensers, no special dispenser or modification is required, They fit all standard sized dispensers. 

8.4g of the highest grade nitrous oxide available per cream charger versus standard 7.4g 20% Extra whipping power per cream charger canister. 

The new iSi Professional Charger is perfect for getting even better results for: 

• Coffee Toppings

• Drinks

• Desserts

• Soups

• Sauces

Fits All Whippers | 20% More Cream | 20% Less Charger Usage | Saves Time & Money

iSi Professional Chargers offer higher qualities of N2O propellant to ensure the best results. While traditional charging of cream uses less nitrous oxide to produce whipped cream; iSi has developed this more potent cream charger to ensure a reliable result.

iSi has more than 50 years of experience in this technology and developed this high-quality product after significant research and experimentation. Choose this product for the absolute highest quality cream charger on the market.

iSi whippers are used by ice cream shops, cafes, restaurants, and pastry chefs for topping desserts and coffee. But at least half the users fall into the modernist cuisine camp that has discovered an amazing array of creative applications at their fingertips. Chefs make light and fluffy espumas, sweet and savoury creams, soups, desserts, and sauces; while Mixologists have found the perfect tool for rapid infusions and cocktail toppings using these purple cream chargers.

Free before 12:00 AM next day delivery dispatched the same day when ordered before 16:30 (Mon-Fri)

This item is for food use only. Please make sure when using this product you adhere to the manufacturer's instructions and keep out of reach of children. 

Age Restricted Item - 18+ Underage Sale Prohibited.


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