50 x 16g non-threaded CO2 Cartridge


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50 x 16g CO2 Cartridge non threaded. 5 x Boxes of 10pcs

Buy 50 x 16g co2 cartridge non threaded food grade online from Supero catering supplies with same day dispatch if you order before 15:00 Monday to Friday for Free before 12:00 next working day delivery or Free Saturday delivery UK nationwide.

Often referred to as Co2 cartridges for beer dispenser or Beer keg Co2 cartridges. These small but powerful 16g Non threaded Co2 cartridges are compatible with all Beer dispensers, Beer kegs, Beer Taps that use a 16g Co2 cartridge based system such as;

  • Klarstein beer dispensers
  • Royal catering beer dispensers
  • Baridi beer dispensers
  • Clatronic beer dispensers
  • Richard Bergendi beer dispensers

Filled with 100% Pure food grade Co2. Free from impurities leftover from manufacturing such as machine oil, Metal swarf, Strong chemical after taste from inferior grade Co2.

Dimensions of a 16g co2 cartridge non threaded: Length: 89mm, Width: 22mm, Neck length: 12.2mm, Neck width: 8.3mm

16g Co2 cartridge pressure: 16g of Co2 at approx. 60bar/900psi.

Do beer Co2 cartridges expire?: Each cartridge will have an expiry date, CO2 does not facilitate the growth of anything and does not degrade under the conditions inside of the canister, thus it will not expire. The condition of the cartridge is of more concern. Each canister is anodized to avoid corrosion from moisture and will last for an indefinite period of time even in moist storage conditions!

Made from 100% recyclable steel. After each canister has been used it can be easily recycled. Never dispose of full cartridges.

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