How to make Nitro cold brew coffee at home like Starbucks

How to make Nitro cold brew coffee at home like Starbucks

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Nitro cold brew coffee the same as your favourite at Starbucks can now be made at home.

Don't worry, this isn't some complicated process that requires a degree in engineering or chemistry - it's actually pretty simple and easy to do yourself.

All you need is the right equipment (An iSi nitro dispenser), the ingredients (water, ground coffee beans) and about 10 minutes of your time. The end result will be an impressive beverage with less acidity than traditional coffee but more flavour than iced coffee - Just like the Nitro cold brew coffee at Starbucks.

Benefits of making your own nitro coffee at home

  • Save money and time by making your own Nitro cold brew coffee at home

  • You can finally get the same delicious, iced coffee you love from Starbucks right in your kitchen with just a few minutes of work

  • Make sure to look for quality beans when it comes to the coffee - Fresh ground espresso will also taste better than pre-ground or instant

  • Create other unique nitro beverages that are perfect for entertaining friends with N2 chargers + Nitro dispenser

This recipe yields one litre of Nitro cold brew. We begin this recipe by making regular cold brew coffee, then charge it with nitrogen to give it that luxurious creamy foamy mouth feel that those who have tried the drink adore!

Starbucks nitro coffee ingredients & Equipment needed


  • 80g Starbucks Columbia (Medium roasted) whole coffee beans. 

  • 1 Litre of Filtered water.

  • Flavoured syrup (Optional) 


  • 1L Mason Jar or alternative 1 litre container 

  • Coffee grinder 

  • Second 1 litre container (To filter in to later)

  • Funnel

  • Filter paper

  • 1 or 2 iSi Nitro chargers

  • iSi nitro dispenser

(Step 1) How to make cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee might sound like a new trend, but it's actually been around for centuries. It was first made in Japan during the Edo period (1603-1868) when iced tea became popular among monks who didn't want to drink warm tea in hot weather. The technique came over to America then the rest of the world when Japanese immigrants started making it again in the 1960s and 70s. Today, cold brew is all the rage because it's easy to make at home and tastes great with milk or cream and can be made in batches for future enjoyment!

Lets begin;

  1. Measure out 80g Of coffee beans. We recommend a Starbucks medium roast but any can be used. Experiment find your flavour!

  2. Add your coffee beans to your Coffee grinder and coarsely grind until about the size of sugar granules. 

  3. Fill your mason jar with 1L of Filtered water (Use filtered tap water for better results!) 

  4. Add your Coffee grounds to the mason jar and stir whilst adding to the jar making sure all the coffee is getting covered by the water. 

  5. Pop on the lid and store in your fridge. Starbucks Steep their cold brew for 20 hours. You can steep yours from any time between 15-20 hours. 15 hours being less intense flavour, 20 Hours more intense. 

  6. Get ready your second 1L Container, Funnel & Filter paper. We are now going to filter out the coffee granules from the liquid. Pour the mixture into the Funnel & Filter paper until there is non left in the original container.

(Final step) How to make Nitro coffee from cold brew coffee

Now that we have made our base layer of Cold brew coffee we are going to charge with nitrogen to create a nice smooth creamy coffee. Lets go!

  1. Add your filtered cold brew coffee to your iSi Nitro dispenser

  2. Screw on the dispenser head. Add 1 iSi nitro cartridge and screw until you hear a hiss.

  3. Shake vigorously for about 15 seconds. 

  4. Hold the dispenser upside down and serve (If you have company feel free to use a cheesy line such as; 'Shaken, Not stirred') 

There you have it! Delicious Nitro cold brew coffee made at home to the same professional standard that you would expect from a Starbucks Barista or other Coffee shop that serves Nitro cold brew coffee. 

Your Nitro Coffee will last for up to 7 Day in the Refrigerator. Just dispense as needed, When you run out repeat this simple recipe and make some more. 

Trouble shooting tip for the iSi dispenser. Be sure to rinse the head of the dispenser after each batch of coffee. Pull the leaver back to open the valve. 

After the cold brew has been filtered some coffee particles will remain, Sometimes they can get stuck in the 'nozzle seal' causing the dispenser to slowly loose pressure. By washing after every use we can be sure that this minor inconvenience doesn't happen.


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