New iSi Professional cream chargers.

The best just got better with the global launch of the new iSi Professional nos canisters, delivering up to 20% more portions for whipped foods, resulting in up to 20% savings on ingredients and handling without sacrificing quality or taste.

iSi Professional Chargers enable the whippers to whip a greater range of products, such as lower fat creams that often cost less; or non-dairy coconut creams, popular among vegan customers.

iSi Professional Chargers are the best choice for whipping cream with higher yield - for better results with fewer calories.


Save money

  1. Save up to 20 % of cream costs.
  2. Save up to 20 % on use of chargers.
  3. Save time in handling.
  4. Works with all dispensers - no additional investment necessary.

The new iSi Professional Charger is perfect for getting even better results for

  • Coffee Toppings
  • Drinks
  • Desserts
  • Soups
  • Sauces

iSi North America was established in the United States in 1977. The iSi Group, the parent company of iSi North America, iSi GmbH, and their related companies was founded in Vienna, Austria in 1964 and is the largest manufacturer of cream and food whippers, soda syphons, and their respective chargers. For over 50 years the company has led the way as an innovator in whipper and gas charger technology. iSi continues to set the standards for safety and consistency in delivering perfect results for chefs, baristas, bartenders, and food enthusiasts.


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We are super proud and privileged to stock this product during its early stages on the market, So far the iSi professional range cream chargers have proven to be a success with many of our customers switching from previous regular brands with only positive feedback. 

We stock from 40pcs up to 600pcs.

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iSi cream chargers UK.