January 2019

January is always the coldest, Darkest, Longest, Slowest month of the year consumer spending is at the lowest of any time of the year as many consumers have little or no money left from the New year / Christmas period. Many consumers choose to avoid social or leisure activities in January because of the weather/ new year fitness commitments/ Saving money, which has a slow effect on the economy in general for every tier of business and industry. (unless you are in the Fitness or energy industry)

For those who had a slow January, February is only a couple of days away. 

Most consumers will have received Januarys paycheck and will have money to engage in leisure and social activities and many others will have given up with the new year intense fitness regime / Bored of being stuck inside and resume standard consumer spending. 

February is the first big "Retail event" of the new year, Valentine's day. 

Consumer spending will increase leading up to valentine's day, So make sure you properly plan your stock needs for the increased demand. 

We have plenty of stock available to purchase via wholesale accounts or from our website. 

For wholesale orders please email us on Sales@Superocatering.co.uk

At this time we are not accepting too many new accounts as our incoming stock is nearly matched to our outgoing stock and we have a very small amount of surplus stock available. We choose to efficiently maintain current customers with a reliable steady supply of stock rather than overselling and leaving customers short on their regular stock. apologies in advance if we do not accept your account request right away.