How long do coffee beans stay good for?

How long does coffee stay good for

How long do coffee beans stay good for?

Like most dry food, coffee doesn't go bad. You need to dispose of them except for cases when they come in contact with water.

So what happens with coffee? Well over time they start to deteriorate and lose their flavor, taste, and freshness.

In this post, you're going to learn factors that determine how long coffee lasts but first let's see how long coffee lasts in its various forms.

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How Long Does Whole Bean Coffee Last?

Whole bean coffee which is used within three or four weeks lasts the longest of all coffee. Because with whole beans the freshness is locked inside the beans. This is why it is advisable to grind just what you'll use for brewing and not a lot. If whole beans are unopened they last for 2 months.

How Long Does Instant Coffee Last?

Instant coffee should be used within two weeks of opening.

How Long Does Ground Coffee Last?

With ground coffee, it is best to use it within two weeks after it's been opened.

factors of how long coffee lasts

  • Moisture 
  • Heat
  • Oxygen
  • Sunlight  
Moisture: Like most dry food, coffee and moisture do not mix well together. This includes humid conditions, liquid substances, and the likes. 

Heat: If coffee is exposed to heat without the intention of being brewed it will go bad. Also when exposed to heat, the coffee loses its taste.

Oxygen: Coffee will reduce in quality, flavour, and taste in a few days if exposed to air. Oxygen is a major contributor to coffee degrading so it is necessary to keep coffee in an air tight container / packaging at all times.

Sunlight: When the coffee comes in contact with direct sunlight it goes stale. This is because direct sunlight can cause oxidation.

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How to make you coffee last longer

Airtight Container: It is important to use an airtight container to store your coffee because exposure to light, heat, oxygen will reduce its taste, freshness, flavor, and even usefulness.

Store at room temperature: It doesn't end at using an airtight container, you must also ensure that the airtight container is stored at room temperature. Coffee beans last longer and stay fresh when they're stored in an airtight container at room temperature.

Use fresh whole bean: Purchase and use only fresh whole bean. The whole bean is fresh, contains more flavor, and is aromatic. What more can you want from coffee? If possible try to purchase whole beans after 7 days from It's the roasted date. Never purchase whole bean coffee less than 7 days after it's the roast date.

Purchase only the amount of beans you need: Buy coffee that would last you for a few weeks and not more than that. Freshness doesn't last long so your coffee bean shouldn't last long. 

Do not put your coffee in the freezer: Contrary to popular belief, storing your coffee in the freezer won't make it fresh or make it last for long.

In conclusion, the most important rule when buying coffee is to buy the right amount. Not too much so it doesn't go stale or too less so you don't leave your self short.