FrenchPress Vs Aeropress

French press vs aero press

FrenchPress Vs Aeropress

Today I'm going to inform you on the difference between French press and Aeropress.

While both devices are press machines there are differences between them, which is why they fit different situations and lifestyles and brew coffee that tastes differently.

The French press has been in the coffee industry for more than 80 years while AeroPress is a newcomer to this scene.

Before we compare and contrast these two brewing machines let us look at them separately.

French press

French Press coffee maker

The French press is made up of two components: a tall carafe and a metal mesh filter.

To effectively use the French press you need to make use of coarse grind this is to avoid grounds passing through the porous metal filter into your cup of coffee.

The French press filter leaves room for fine sediment and oil to enter your cup of coffee.

When it comes to brewing with the French press you have the option to "set and forget" this is because the machine can be left for a certain period so the coffee can brew.

Aero press


The Aeropress can only brew one single cup of coffee with it's a prison-style brewer that pushes coffee through a paper filter into your cup.

When it comes to brewing with AeroPress there are two ways to go about it.

First, you have the standard method. In this method, you place the device on top of your cup and fill it with water and coffees. Next, you insert the plunger and press, Tada your unique cup of coffee is ready.

The next method of brewing is called the inverted, rather than placing the Aeropress on top of your cup, you place it upside down on the plunger which is already filled with coffee and water. Flip it onto the cup and press.

Aero press vs French press

French Press Vs Aeropress

  • Portability: The body of the French press can only survive minor bump and scratch this is because it is larger and often made with breakable glass hence why it is not advisable to move it from one place to another while the Aeropress is made with BPA-free plastic bodies that have no issue with being moved around. This is because it's light, small, not necessarily destructible so you can take it anywhere and everywhere. 

The French press is made for sitting on the counter and not for being moved around while the Aero press is not made for sitting on the counter for a long period and is perfect for moving around.


Aeropress portable coffee maker

  • Versatility: The Aeropress is very versatile because it offers you the opportunity to make coffee in diverse ways. From light and crisp coffee to heavy coffee the Aeropress has got you covered. 

Although with the French press you can only make great hot coffee in just one way, this doesn't make the French press less than perfect but if you're a coffee lover who loves having different cups of coffee the French press isn't for you.

  • Capacity; The Aeropress holds between 6 to 8 ounces hence it's perfect for brewing a perfect single cup of coffee while the French press inclines towards 28 and 35 ounces making it perfect for households, crowds, and a multi-cup of coffee person.
  • Brewing Duration: The French press uses coarse grind so that grounds can't pass through the porous metal filter. These coarse grounds do not have much surface area exposed to hot water hence why the French press takes long to brew coffee. This is why it's tagged "set and forget" while the Aeropress with its paper filter does not require coarse grind so it uses less time to brew coffee. 

The Aeropress is perfect for you if you're the kind of coffee lover that craves fast and quality coffee while the French press is perfect for you if you prefer to let your coffee brew while you perform other actions.

  • Coffee Taste: Due to sediments and oil that passes through the porous metal filter of the French Press, coffee made with is usually bold, thicker, and heavy. 

The Aeropress though is capable of making coffee similar to espresso because of the paper filter that allows it to make clean cups of coffee. 

french press coffee maker

Since there's only one way to make coffee with the French press, I'm going to show you how:

  1. Weigh out your coffee (10g~15g)
  2. Measure your coffee, one part coffee to 15 part water.
  3. Grind your coffee until its the size of sugar granules. 
  4. Pour your hot water into the French press, ensure that all the coffee is drenched with hot water.
  5. Start your timer
  6. Let your coffee brew
  7. Use a spoon to scoop out the foamy layer, don't forget to stir first.
  8. Insert the plunger then press down.

Summarily, the Aeropress and French press are both great machines so it all depends on personal choice and the situation in which the two different press machines are going to be used. 

The French press is best for thick coffee while Aeropress is best for light coffee so just go for one that suits your taste.

But it isn't really necessary to choose the one you can go for both so don't limit yourself and explore with both machines.