December 2018 delivery info.

Busy festive period delivery information.

December is a very exciting time of the year both for the economy and consumer. 

Consumers will socialise more and spend 40% More money than any other time of year on gifts and socialising which is great for business! 

During the month of December the volume of parcels in transit and being delivered is much higher than any other time of year. Whilst we always dispatch on time for the delivery service you choose delays can happen. 

Drivers can be stressed out and make human error mistakes or just general delays happen because of peak volume of parcels, In an ideal world every delivery ever would be 100% with no issues, But in the real life business world we all know that's not the way it goes all of the time right? 

Mostly all orders are usually delivered on time, We offer Before 12:00 AM Next working day delivery as standard for all products Or Free Saturday delivery but please be aware delays can happen sometimes during the festive period.

Our advice: 

If you have an event for example on Friday or you know you will need stock on Friday, Don't wait until Thursday evening to order your stock. Give your self 2-3 working days before the day you need your stock if possible.  

If any issues should happen they will be corrected and your order should be with you on or before your stock deadline date, The worst case scenario to ordering 2-3 days in advance is you have to store your stock for an extra day or 2 - In my humble opinion i would much rather be looking at my stock than not looking at my stock and wondering where it is stressing over a late delivery. 

Not Happy with your delivery being a day late?

We understand some people get absolutely raging over their day late delivery and expect compensation etc etc, We do not offer compensation unfortunately if you are unhappy with delays out of our control please refuse delivery when your order arrives a day late and we will refund you when your order is returned to us. 

We can not control things out of our control and we do not pretence we can, That's lying. We are committed to offering an honest all round good service.

We are looking forward to the busy festive period, We wish everybody the best and we look forward to taking your orders! :)