Christmas/New years delivery info

Christmas/New years delivery info (UK MAINLAND)

We will be online and dispatching orders on all available business days during the festive period. 

The last date of dispatch before Christmas is the 23.12.19 for delivery on 24.12.19 (Christmas eve) 

DPD are closed on Christmas day (25.12) and Boxing day (26.12) 

We will be back on the 27.12.19 (Saturday delivery is free!) up to the 30.12.19 for delivery on the 31.12.19 (New Year's eve) 

We will be dispatching orders on the Saturday (28.12.19) for delivery on Sunday (29.12.19) so this gives you all an extra day to restock if needed during the high demand festive period. 

Normal service will resume from the 02.01.2020

Any order made during the days we are closed will be fulfilled and dispatched on the next available working day. 

Eg: You place an order on the 25.12.19 - Your order will be fulfilled on the 27.12.19 for delivery on the 28.12.19 

To our customers in Scotland / Ireland / Netherlands / France / Spain. 

As your delivery service is a 2-day delivery your last day of dispatch is one working day before the above dates if you want your orders to arrive before Christmas/New years.

Remember to plan ahead. 

During the month of December the volume of parcels in transit and being delivered is much higher than any other time of year. Online shoppers nationwide on average order 4x the number of items than any other time of year all at the same time in preparation for Christmas. Every year the number of parcels passing through all of the courier's networks increases and smashes the previous year's record. 

The courier(s) infrastructure in place is designed to handle a certain amount of volume for most of the year systems are run at roughly 30% of peak volume. If parcel numbers exceed what the network infrastructure can handle delays can and do happen. When anything is run at peak volume things tend to break down more often and things need replacing which slows things down until fixed or alternate solutions are executed. 

Historically from our own sales/delivery data only a few orders actually end up getting delayed during December most orders arrive on time before 12:00 problem-free. The orders that do get delayed usually only get held back for 24 hours at the most. 

If possible order your stock 48 hours before its needed instead of 24 hours before. 

Tl;dr - Prepare for delays, Hope for the best. You cant sell something that you don't have. 

We would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! We look forward to taking and fulfilling all of your orders!