Costa coffee mango and passion fruit cooler recipe

How to make costa coffee mango and passion fruit cooler recipe at home

The costa coffee mango and passion fruit cooler is a refreshing drink available from costa coffee during the summer time in the UK, from May to September. It's perfect for warm summer days or as an afternoon pick-me-up in the winter! The recipe is simple and easy to follow, so grab your blender and give it a try.

The mango and passion fruit slushy from costa coffee mixes two tropical flavours with ice cold water. It's not too sweet or tart-just a perfectly balanced refreshment that many people enjoy when it's available for purchase.

The mangoes give it a pleasant tropical flavour, while the passion fruit adds some tang. To make some cheeky slushy exotic cocktails, add some rum, gin, or vodka (or all three) to this recipe!

For this recipe, we will be making 1 litre. If 1L is too much for you, simply use half the below ingredients. 

Ingredients for costa coffee mango passion fruit cooler

  • 500g Ice cubes
  • Monin passion fruit puree 
  • Mango juice - Rubicon works well

How to make costa coffee mango and passion fruit cooler at home

  1. Fill your blender half way (500g) with ice cubes.
  2. Pour your mango juice into the blender up to the top of the ice cubes
  3. Add 6 pumps of Monin Passion fruit Puree
  4. Blend until a slushy thick consistency. about 20-25 seconds. 

Serve & enjoy! 

This recipe should be enjoyed as soon as possible after it is prepared. The drink will start to melt and lose its slushy consistency after about 1 hour in the fridge, and will revert to a more liquid state.


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